Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Santa Claus Visit

Yesterday Auburn has it's Christmas parade. Keith drove the D.A.R.E. car with the girls in it and Aunt JoJo, Katelyn, and I watched from the sidelines. Katelyn was mesmerized and just waiving to everyone. After the parade, we met up with Keith at home and we all took the girls to see Santa at the mall. Katelyn did not want to see Santa up close. She was just fine at a distance. However, you know we all do it, we got the screaming picture with Santa. After the pictures Allison and Madison got to tell Santa what they wanted. They had a very long list. Here are some of the pictures for you to enjoy. I just hate the Ansley was not with us. We could have given Santa a run for his money.

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to update everyone on the wonderful camping trip we had during Thanksgiving. We left Auburn Tuesday afternoon and after a 2 hour drive north we arrived at Cheaha Mountain with Grammie greeting us with a sign for the girls. The landscape was breath taking. We roasted marshmallows, hot dogs, sausage and anything else we could think of. The girls enjoyed the trails. Allison, Keith, and Paw Paw hiked a very steep trail up the mountain on Friday. I believe that Allison led the pack in that hike.

Madison, Grammie and I just hung out in and about the camper. We always had a warm fire and lots of hot cocoa. The food was great and the company was even better.

We ate Thanksgiving lunch at the restaurant that overlooks the lake below the mountain. The buffet was more than enough and none of us had to do dishes. We all took a nap that afternoon. :)

We all hated having to leave Saturday morning to come back to the crowd in Auburn for the Iron Bowl.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Poor Madison

Madison started running a 102.3 fever last night. She has had a cough for about 2 days with no other problems, however when I took her to the doctor this morning she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She has started on antibiotics and will hopeful be well enough to still go to the mountains on Tuesday.

She seems to feel fine when her fever is gone. We are all praying for a fast and full recovery.

I will keep everyone updated.


P. S. Allison got her progress report yesterday and she had all A's and one C. Alabama History will have to come up. We are still very proud of all the growing up that she has done since school started. We told her she is getting so mature.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today Madison had Tailgate Day to celebrate the upcoming Auburn vs. Alabama Game. Aubie, the cheerleaders, and the football players all came to the pep rally. After the pep rally, Madison class got to tailgate under their tent and eat their lunches. It was a sunny and very breezy day, but they had a blast. I have included a couple of pictures for you all to enjoy.
Madison's Class

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Homecoming in Auburn

This has been a very eventful weekend. Allison, Madison, and I went to the Auburn High School football game. The weather was great and the football was even better. We meet on of Allison's friends from school. Tyler came with his parents and his little brother Tiger. We had a great time. Tyler invited Allison to go and tailgate with him and his family for the Auburn University game on Saturday. The girls and I had already planned on going to the Tiger Walk and do some tailgating. We decided that we would meet them at the Tiger Walk.

The girls had a blast at the Tiger Walk and tailgating. We got tatoos, played football, jumped in the blow ups and just visited with other fans. Allison was invited to go to the game with Tyler and his family. Madison and I we just going to have some fun of our own when Pop offered us his two tickets.

Madison and I sat in the stands for a little bit, however it was just to hot! We decided to walk underneath to cool off some when Keith called and invited us up in the President's Suite with him. We had all the perks too! Madison ate hot dogs, chips, cheese straws, shrimp, ice cream and lots more. She got to have her picture made with Dr. Gouge and he even gave her an Aubie lapel pin. You would think that he gave her a kidney or something the way that she protects it. They even brought in Noah, the eagle, for her to see. She got to have her picture with him too!

As everyone already knows Auburn won, the girls and I had a great time, and we get to sleep a hour later tomorrow.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat Pictures

The girls had alot of fun last night. We went to some of our neighbors houses and then we went to Parkway Baptist Church to their fall festival. They had games and blow ups. The girls got more that enough candy and had a great time too.

After the festival we went by to see our old neighbors that moved. Catey and Taylor have a new sister named Annie James. The girls enjoyed seeing them.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!