Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Been A Little Busy

Well, we have been a little bit busy here at the Horne house. Allison has softball 3 - 4 times a week. Some nights we do not get home until 8:30. Their team has been doing well. We have won just a many as we have lost. Grammy and Paw Paw surprised us at the game tonight. We all went to eat at Chappy's after the game. The girls only have 17 more days of school left. Time has flown by!

Last Thursday, Madison's yellow pod had "Market". Her pod (group of 5 classrooms) is learning about Auburn, Alabama. Each classroom was a different store in downtown Auburn. Madison's class was J & M Bookstore. They made Auburn coasters, Auburn T-shirts, Auburn door mats, Auburn Jewelry Kits, and Auburn Tiger Tails. They had two shifts in the class, selling and buying. For the last 2 months they earned pennies for getting caught doing good things. Each Friday they went to "Auburn Bank" to deposit their money earned. Madison earned 102 pennies! The other classrooms were Heartstrings, Toomer's Drugstore, Ware Jewelry, and one more I can remember. It was so cute. Keith was not able to come so my office manger, Dianne, came with me.
Saturday the girls and I went to Cityfest in Auburn. We had a great time. It was hot! We got to spend a little time with Keith at the DARE booth.

Tomorrow Allison's class will be going to Montgomery to see the state capitol building. I am worried about them going so far, but I am sure that they will have fun.

We only have 30 days until we go to the beach with my family. We can not wait. We are so use to going the end of July that I is hard to get in the mood. The Gulf temperature today was 79 degrees. I hope that it warms up quick. Allison has a softball game Saturday morning at 9:30 and after that we may take a ride with Baylee up to the lake. We have not been there in a long while. I sure hope that Baylee loves the water!
I better go to bed while I can. Love to All!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Let's Go Padres

This is Allison's second year to play fast pitch softball. They have had 3 games so far this year and they have not had a win yet. Allison is competitive just like her dad and it is killing both of them. Some of the girls just don't care about winning and Allison gets so frustrated. This is the first year that they let the girls pitch, therefore it is a lot slower paced game. We only make it 3 innings in the allotted time. I have emailed the schedule to several of you so if you want to come be stressed with us, Come On! Catey that lived next door to us for a long time is on Allison's team. Madison is glad of that! She and Taylor (Catey's little sister) play during the games and practices. Keith is not coaching this year, but he plans on head coaching next year if Allison is still intrested in playing. Allison is very athletic and enjoys the game. We are all a bit tired this week. Allison justed finished her SAT's and we have also had softball for at least 2 hours every night this week. We are looking forward to the rest of the week when we can just relax.

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