Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow in Auburn

More Snow Pictures

Enjoy it While it Lasts

Well the snow only lasted for about 45 minutes. We thought it would start back, since the weather channel forecasted it to end around 4 o'clock. It never did. I just walked outside and all the snow has melted. It really does not feel very cold. I guess that just reminds us to live in the moment. You never know when it will end. We just stayed at home today, kept warm by the fire, and did some laundry. The girls have been dressing up and doing some more performances. We had a great dinner, homemade beef stew.


It just started snowing in Auburn at 11 o'clock . We are all so excited! Just wanted to put up some pictures now and we will post some later. The Montgomery 10 o'clock news said that Auburn could get between 3-6 inches today. I think we all woke up this morning expecting a blanket of snow. To our disappointment there was just rain. We have been looking outside all morning waiting for signs of snow. It has finally come! It is funny to me to see how adults turn back into children when snow arrives. We have a warm, crackling fire and beautiful, white snow outside. What more could we ask for. I am just glad that one of Madison's wishes did come true today. This is Madison's first time to see snow.

Love to all!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pray for Carly

In case you have not heard there is a 7 year old little girl in Auburn named Carly Parker that is battling cancer. The family is very good friends with Dr. Stubblefield in our office. She found out around Thanksgiving that she had cancer in her sinus cavity. About the size of a lemon in that little child's head! The family has been traveling back and forth to Children's Hospital in Birmingham for chemo. Carly had a CT scan on Saturday to see if the tumor was responding to the chemo. The results showed that the tumor has actually grown 20 - 30%. The only answer is surgery and radiation therapy. This is a young family with another 2 year old daughter. I have placed a link to her website it you would like to follow her story.

My heart just melts to think of what this family is having to go thru. I thank God everyday that our girls are healthy! Please pray for this family.

Our Little Girl is Growing Up

I hope that you all are sitting down for this one. Thursday night Allison asked me if she could talk to me about the Ten Commandments. Mostly the 7th one that states that you should not have unpure thoughts and that sex should be saved for marriage. She said that Daddy would just blush and run away if she asked him. She wanted to know what unpure thoughts were. I explained it as simple as I could. The next thing she wanted to know is if Keith and I have ever has sex. After I picked myself up off the floor, I explained to her that we have and that is the reason we have 2 children. She then realized that children come from God and sex. She stated that we must not have sex anymore since we do not want anymore children. I just smiled and agreed! She thanked me for the talk and went to bed.

I guess after some thinking on the subject, Allison realized that she really did not know what sex really was. Last night she came to me while washing dishes and wanted see if we could talk again later. I mentioned this to Keith while folding clothes and he went and talked to her. She was a little grossed out by the whole thing. He used as little description to make it easy for her to understand and explained to her that it was not a gross thing. It is a gift from God for a husband and wife to share.

We just never thought that this would come so soon. I guess with T.V. and friends with older siblings we should have known. We were talking with other parents in our church bible study and were shocked to hear that another family had to have that same talk with their 9 yr old daughter. We have always tried to be open and honest with both the girls. We hope that this parenting style will allow for a very open and honest relationship when we get to the teenage years.

I am sure that her little mind will come up with some more questions in the future. Please pray for us! :)

Friday, January 11, 2008


Well it is report card time again. Allison got her report card yesterday and Madison got her report card today. Both of them did awesome.

Allison got all A's with the exception of a B+ in Social Studies. All of her conduct grades were great too! Her teacher commented that she is a very smart and that it was a pleasure to have her in her class.
Madison got E's and M's (Excelled and Mastered). She has already mastered everything needed to pass to First Grade! She also got a sweet comment from her teacher. Mrs. Griffie's said that she is a very caring and compassionate child.
Keith and I are so proud of both of our girls! They both enjoy learning and school. This year has been great this year! The behavior has made a great improvement over last year. That just shows that discipline and prayer do work!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spelling Bee Results

Well we may not be the Dean Road Spelling Bee Champion, but Allison is the Spelling Bee winner in our family. We are still not sure how she became such a great speller, neither Keith nor myself can manage with out spell check. Allison did great! I think that I was more nervous than she was. I believe that she will always remember how to spell "Toucan" after today.

We are so proud of her! Allison is smart, talented, and beautiful. We must have done something right. We are so proud of both of our children. God has bless us!

P. S. I will post some pictures from the spelling bee tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fun on the Trampoline

Just Burning Off Some Energy

Just thought that I would snap some pictures on the trampoline. The static electricity was in full swing. I laughed and laughed.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Madison's Performance

This is a sample of Allison singing. She just loves to sing, however she does not like for people to hear her. She thinks that she is not good, but Keith and I think that she is GREAT!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year

We have been very busy! The girls went to Macon Tuesday, New Years Day, to spend sometime with Momma Joy and Granddaddy Jim. Keith and I decided to take advantage of the time alone. We spent some quality time together ripping out our old kitchen floor and replacing it with a new one. We have wanted to do this ever since we purchased this house 4 years ago. We have pondered ceramic tile and wood laminate, however ever when we went to Jay and Kim's house during our Christmas trip to Macon we decided on this pattern of vinyl self adhesive Armstrong tile. Thanks Jay and Kim for the great idea. Once we dropped off the children with Momma Joy and Granddaddy Jim we went and got all the tiles we needed and headed home to begin the destruction. We had almost all the tile done by 11:30 that night with the exception of a few hard to cut tiles, which I had messed up several times. I knew that Keith had to work the next day and I could not think enough to cut them correctly. The next day when Keith was at work, I went back to Lowe's and bought the quarter round and headed home to cut the pieces. Later that night Wesley, Wendy, and Ansley came over and let us use their cordless nail gun. (We need one of those!) It only took us 5 minutes to attach all the quarter round. Wesley was also nice enough to help Keith move the furniture back in. (Every bone and muscle in my body was hurting.) I had to wash and put all the china back in the china cabinet before Madison got home and realized I had used her bed to hold it during the construction. The floor looks great! Keith and I love it!!!!!!!! I guess that we will be working on the house all year since that is what we did on New Years Day. That's fine with us.
The girls got back this morning from Macon and had a great time. They went to Chuck E. Cheese, the movies, restaurants, and shopping. I am sure that Grandaddy Jim and Momma Joy are both missing them tonight, but they will be able to sleep late tomorrow. We are so thankful to have great families to help us with the children. Also the children will have memories when those people are gone.

We will update again soon!