Sunday, July 6, 2008



July 4th Weekend of Fun

This was a very eventful July 4th weekend. On Thursday we all loaded up and went to the lake. Allison has been begging to ski again and we did not want to try on the 4th with all the boat traffic. Allison and Keith skied together. They both got up on the first try. Keith has not skied since we were married. They played on the water trampoline and slide and gave each other mud baths. We headed to Opelika for the fireworks that night. There we met Grammie, Paw Paw, Aunt JoJo, Katelyn, Uncle Wesley, Aunt Wendy, and Ansley. Grammie surprised everyone with some Rotel dip, chips, and powdered donuts. After all that sugar, the fireworks began. We all agreed that they were not a good as years past.
Friday we headed to the lake again. All the regular 4th of July vets were there. We enjoyed lots of BBQ chicken and ribs and tons of sides. The water was very refreshing since it was no breeze like Thursday. The wave runner was going non stop. Lots of tubing and some skiing. The water was a lot rougher and tons of boat traffic which we expected. We headed back to Auburn just in time to drive to Bruno's to see the Auburn fireworks. They were great! We did not get to meet up with Grammie and Paw Paw due to our late return from the lake.
Saturday I was able to sleep late. This was great since my allergies have been acting up since the day at the water park on Tuesday. I was able to go to Laredo's Mexican Restaurant and see Heidi, Brad, and Loxley Lyon from Arkansas. Heidi worked with us at the office while her husband went to vet school in Tuskegee. They moved back to Arkansas after his graduation almost 2 years ago. It was great to visit with them and meet Loxley for the first time. After my lunch, Grammie, Paw Paw, Aunt JoJo, Katelyn and my crew went to swim at Hollie and Craig Lee's House in Opelika. They have a great salt water pool in the country. We had a blast. We had splash contest and all! Katelyn even fell in love. That is with there dogs Darla and Daisy. Katelyn has always been deathly afraid until this. Aunt Helen and Uncle Bruce even came over and visited. We did not leave until 8:30. These late nights are weighing on me.
Sunday we tried to keep the water out of our plans. Today was Allison's 10th birthday. I can not believe that we have already reached the double digits. We went to church early and let Allison pick the restaurant for lunch. The options were: Shogun, CiCi's Pizza, Shakey's Pizza, and Waffle House. For the 3rd time in a row she chose Waffle House. It was good though. We did not have a party or anything today for her birthday. On Wednesday the girls and I went to Tigertown and got Allison $140.00 worth of outfits.(You do know that fifth graders dress better than fourth graders, don't you?) I was not feeling great this afternoon so I took some medicine and laid down praying the my allergies would subside. Grammie, Paw Paw, Wesley and Wendy came over later to give Allison her presents. She got an Old Navy gift card from Wesley and Wendy. Grammie and Paw Paw gave her the beach trip, clothes, and a friendship bracelet kit. Aunt JoJo and Katelyn gave her a virtual hamster for her Nintendo on Saturday. I would not approve of a real hamster so JoJo compromised. After everyone left I headed to the store for some more allergy meds. I am feeling better now. Thank God! After some homemade play dough and supper the girls are in bed. We have to get back to our routine next week. They have Camp Kaleidoscope the next 3 weeks and I have to return to work after a week off.
We hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th. We love you all!

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