Friday, February 29, 2008

Family Fun Night

Well Madison is feeling better today. She ran a fever this morning but not since. She took about a two hour nap today and got a good shower and was as good as new.

We had tickets to go to the Auburn University Gymnastics Meet against Illinois tonight. This was our first time to go and we loved it! Keith even enjoyed the meet. We met with others from our church for a family fun night. We ate at Chick-fil-a and then went to the meet. We will have to do that again. The girls were great! I just wish I had their figures. It has made Allison and Madison want to take gymnastics. We told them we have to make it thru softball season first!

Oh, by the way Allison's softball coach will be Ms. Brandy again this year. We are so excited. Madison was going to play T-ball until she found out that she had to be on a team with boys. She decided she would just cheer for Allison and watch Baylee during her games.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Flu Has Come To The Horne House

Well, I guess that it as inevitable. We all got our flu shots, however this year they we about 40% effective. Madison was the so called lucky one. Yesterday morning she woke up asking for water. She said that her throat was itchy, otherwise she felt fine. I gave her some allergy medicine and Tylenol and sent her to school. I assumed it was just nasal drainage. At 3:40 her after school teacher called me and said that Madison just wanted to let me know that her head hurt and her throat was still itchy. I called Keith and he went ahead and picked her up early and brought her to the office to see Dr. Stubblefield. To our surprise she had a 102.2 fever. Her strep test was negative and the flu test was positive. She has flu A. Our hearts just melted when she began to cry because she would miss her downtown Auburn field trip today and Read Across America Day on Friday. She has been looking so forward to both. On Friday they were getting to wear their pajamas to school. I told her that the next day she got to go to school I would let her wear her pajamas. I spoke with her teacher, Mrs. Griffies, last night to warn her that it was in her class now. She was so sweet! She told me she would take Madison on her own personal field trip one weekend when she was better. I also warned her about the pajama. She just laughed and agreed. Madison wanted to speak with her but all she could do was whimper. It was heart breaking. She had a good night except when her fever went up. Thank goodness the Tylenol and Motrin are keeping it down. We are hoping that since she has had the flu shot every year of her life that it will not get so severe. She is such a trooper! I have been spraying Lysol everywhere trying to keep Allison from getting it. I can handle Keith or myself but just not the kids.

I will keep everyone updated. Please say a little prayer that this will run its course quick and that it will leave our house with no one else affected.


Thursday, February 21, 2008


I found this picture from 2003 of Madison and I had to post it. It seems just like yesterday.
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This is a picture of Madison making cupcakes for her class today. Mrs. Griffies lets the birthday girl or boy make the cupcakes to celebrate their special day. She has been looking forward to this since the start of school. Does she look proud or what? Tonight we will be going out to eat to celebrate. I bet it will either be Laredo's, Waffle House, or Chick-fil-a. She loved her Nintendo Dogs game. It even has a boxer puppy just like Baylee. Allison gave her some school workbooks. This weekend we will get together with the family for a small birthday party for her and Uncle Wesley.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our Baby Girl Is Not A Baby

Well today is the last day that Madison will be 5 years old. It seems like yesterday I was feeling her moving in my stomach. She is such a sweet and caring child. She will do anything to make someone happy even if it means she will do without. I guess she got out all the bad stuff with all that colic and crying as a baby. She is nothing but a sweetheart. She is so proud that she is learning to read. We have been reading "Bob" begining book and she smiles from ear to ear when she reads the entire book. She does not forget anything and is constantly soaking it all in. She is Baylee's best friend. When I got up this morning at 5:45 she and Baylee were laying on the floor in the great room, curled up in and blanket watching cartoons. I should have taken a picture, but I am not a morning person. Keith said that he got up with Baylee at 5:00 to go out and when he came in Madison was standing there waiting for her. I think they will be big buddies.

Well, I guess that I better go! We have a big day tomorrow. Madison will get to make cupcakes with her teacher for her birthday. On Friday, they are taking a field trip to downtown Auburn to see all the landmarks and eat lunch on Samford Hall lawn. After that they get to roll Toomer's Corner. She class is studing Auburn and Auburn University.

Love to all!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Allison's After School Program

Friday Allison had her After School Program. R. O. C. K. Rock Radio was the title. It featured several songs from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. Allison was Peggy Sue. She had a speaking line and sang "My Boyfriends Back" with several of her friends. She did so good! Both of our girls are such preformers. After the play we went with my family to Good Ol' Boys for supper.

Baylee has be doing great. We took her to Petco yesterday. I don't know if she enjoyed it or not. She slept right thru it. We have only had one accident since Thursday. She is sleeping through the night and waking up with a clean crate. Madison is great with her. She spend all her free time with her and does not freak out when she uses her hand for a teething toy. Allison is still a little unsure. Allison is such a busy body that most things don't keep her attention for long. I guess that is the difference in our children.

Madison is so excited about her upcoming birthday! I can not believe that our baby is amost 6 years old. We are not going to have a "party" this year. We will probably have some of the neighborhood kids over for cupcakes or something. She is fine with that. The only thing she wants for her birthday is a boy Barbie. She told us that her Barbie's would like to get married and there is no one to marry them to. She is also in to Polly Pockets and Littleist Pet Shop.

We I will try to update again soon. Hope everyone is doing well.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Valentine Is Here

We were able to bring home Baylee today to suprise the girls for Valentine's Day! They were so excited! She so cute. We had her in the backyard running and playing with the girls. We can not wait until this weekend when we can love and play with her all day.

Allison's afterschool program is tomorrow at 1 pm and 5 pm. The Fabulous Fifties. I will try to get some good video and pictures for everyone to see! We are hoping that Momma Joy and Grandaddy Jim will be able to come. We gotta go love on Baylee! See ya later.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Emailing: Madison's 1st Tooth 004

Emailing: Madison's 1st Tooth 003

Madison's First Tooth

Well it is official. Madison is a big girl! She lost her first tooth tonight. She pulled it out all by herself. Keith was able to capture it on video to share with the world. We are so proud of her! She cannot wait until the tooth fairy comes tonight! Hope that everyone enjoys this special moment!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Daddy Daughter Date Night

Tonight is Daddy Daughter Date Nite in Auburn! The girl's were so excited. We had to get all beautiful for Daddy. We had to do hair, nails, pantyhose, and of course dresses! I really do enjoy having daughter to dress up and just have some girl time. As all of you know it is not often that our girls get all dolled up. We just enjoy it when it happens. They left the house just a little while ago and I am just enjoying the peace and quiet. I am sure that they are having fun. They are looking forward to seeing Ansley and Wesley there. I will try to update again soon.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Baby on the Way!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are expecting a new baby in our family. We have decieded to adopt this time around. She was born on Sunday, January 6th of this year and she is adorable! We have decided to call her Baylee. Baylee the Boxer! Of course it is a dog! Did you think we lost our minds. We have enough children, homework, and laundry!

We should be able to pick her up around the 14th or 17th of this month. Keith has been busy fixing the backyard up and puppy proofing it. I have attached some pictures of her for everyone to see.

Hope to talk to you soon.