Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day at the Lake

Last weekend we went to the lake. The girls had a blast. They made some friends with the neighbors grandchildren. The day was spent tubing, playing on the water trampoline, riding the wave runner, and swimming. Baylee came with us and loved the water. She is swimming everywhere. We had pizza for lunch and wonderful grilled BBQ chicken for supper.
The girls are finally old enough to really enjoy the lake. Now with Allison skiing it is about be even more fun!

DARE Camp Draws To A Close

Well another DARE Camp completed. Keith and the girls had a great time along with the other 145 6th graders. The days were long and hot. Everyone came home exhausted.

Yesterday was Katelyn's 3rd birthday. I can't believe that she is already 3. They grow up so fast! Today is her party at Hollywood Connection in Columbus. The girls are so excited. I have taken off all of next week to keep the girls. They do not have camp. I may take them to Surfside Water Park on Tuesday depending on the weather. We will be spending a lot of time this week at the pool and the lake. The girls are so brown. Madison hair is turning blonde.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Allison Learns to Ski

This afternoon Allison learned to ski. Pop knew 2 guys, Russell and Brooks Glass, that taught people how to ski at Calloway Gardens and arranged for them to teach her to ski. Today Pop picked her up early from DARE Camp and headed to Lake Harding. Within 15 minutes Allison was up! After a couple of times she was able to get up all by herself. She came home so excited! Pop was able to snap some pictures from the dock. Sorry some are fuzzy, Pop was not used to Allison's camera. If you look closely to the last picture she is waving. WOW! We look forward to Allison skiing more at the lake and maybe Madison will pick it up a lot sooner with Allison already doing it.

Great Job Allison! We are proud of you!

Trip to Montgomery

Penelope, Allison, Laura, and Madison

Growing up so fast!

6 going on 20.

Allison and Madison are going to Camp Kaleidoscope Day Camp. They are enjoying it so much. On Friday they had a field trip to Montgomery. In the morning they went to the planetarium and that afternoon they went to the Montgomery Zoo. The girls thought that the planetarium would be a bore, but they were sure surprised. They loved it. The zoo was awesome too! I sent my extra digital camera with them to take some pictures. I know that they love taking pictures as much as me. These are some pictures from that trip.

This week the Keith has his DARE Camp. They girls are going with him. They all came home tired and irritable. I am hoping to put them all to bed early.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Swing in Opelika

Having fun riding the train at the Monkey Park.

The Cornerstone UMC Band preforming.

Don't they look alike?

Just relaxing and having fun!

Brian Johnson our music minister.

Tonight we went to Summer Swing in Opelika. Our church worship band was playing. We were worried that the rain might cancel the show but prayer works. It was great! The band sounded awesome. Allison, Madison, Keith, and I had a good time. We got to see several of our friends. We even saw Dr. Smith, the doctor that delivered Allison and Madison. After the band finished up, we went to Pop's house to see him for his Birthday. Then off to the house for showers and bed. This was a great day! Here is a little bit of video to show you what you missed if you were not there.

Great, right?

Till next time. Love you lots!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all!  We had a great weekend celebration.  Saturday we went to the lake to see Pop.  It rained a little but as you can see we still had fun.
This morning we went to church since we missed the last 2 Sundays because we were at the beach.  We all missed the music and sermon and were glad to be back.  After church Madison and I went home and got the car packed for Keith's Fathers Day Surprise!  We packed a picnic lunch, the cooler, and Baylee (of course she had to come it's her dad too!)  Went to get Keith and Allison from church (Keith had to do drama at the second service).  Keith did not know anything about the plans for the day.  Wow was he surprised at the plans of the day.  A day at Chewacla Park.
First we had our picnic lunch which consisted of peanut butter and honey sandwiches and chips.  The lunch of hikers.  Then we headed to the trail.  After a short hike we arrived at the waterfall.  What a beautiful site.  We make our way down the trail to the bottom of the waterfall.  At the bottom we let the kids and Baylee play in the clear, cold water.  Madison loved it.  Allison and Baylee took a little time to like it.
After a little while we ran into several people we knew from church.  They had three dogs.  That did make things a little hairy.  Baylee loves people, but is a little aggressive with other dogs.  However she did mind her manners.  Before long there were more dogs and people and Keith just wanted to get out of there.  The stress was mounting.  After a long, hot, and tiring trek to the top of the trail head we loaded everyone up and headed home.  Baylee went sound to sleep in the back of the Explorer.
All and all I think Keith had a great Father's Day.  We just wanted him to know that we do love and appreciate him along with all our fathers.  We did get to speak with Paw Paw and Pop today, but we have not been able to get Granddaddy Jim.  I guess he has been celebrating with his kids today.  We will keep trying him tonight.
Love to all!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mexico Beach Trip 2008

I thought I would post some pictures from our trip to Mexico Beach. We just returned home yesterday. We enjoyed the time off and the memories. Allison, Madison, Ansley, and Katelyn all loved it! Allison and Madison loved the waves and the dolphin handshakes at Gulf World. Ansley and Katelyn did not want to get out of the water except to eat. The weather was great all week. We did have some seaweed in the middle of the week, however it cleared up by Saturday. The waves were big and strong, but still manageable.

The house was owned by the artist Paul Brent of Panama City. The artwork and layout was superb. We are planning on renting it again next year.

I will try to write more soon, now I must get caught up on house stuff. It is amazing how things need doing even when you are gone a week.

Love to All!












Gulf World in Panama City