Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Roof is Done



We finally have our new roof! We have waiting almost 5 years for this day! The visual improvement is immediate. I hope the two electric roof vents will help our $311 power bill. James Monroe did the roof and we are well pleased with this work. The attention to detail was awesome. We would recommend him to anyone! Keith has started to caulk and paint the new facial boards he and his dad installed this weekend. He is so proud and I am so proud of him. The new cover on the back porch is finished and we will find out soon if it leaks thanks to Fran. Somehow Keith can keep on going even with little to no sleep.
Allison's best friend, Carmen, had to come stay with us in the middle of the night last night. Carmen's mom was pregnant with her little sister was due in 5 days. We told them since they did not have any family in the area, that if they needed us in the middle of the night just to call. Last night we stayed up late watching the Olympics and the news that followed. Then Baylee kept snoring and passing gas! Yes, she is now sleeping in the bed with Keith and I. We finally got the kids out of our bed and Baylee moved right in. We fell asleep around 11:45 pm and the phone rang at 1:15 am. Carmen's mother's water broke and they were at the hospital. The wanted to see if they could bring Carmen to our house around 1:45 am. Once they arrived I got Carmen settled in Madison's bed since Madison was asleep on Allison's floor. We finally got back to sleep around 2:15 am. For those how know me well, know that I need my sleep. We all got off to school and work this morning with no problems. I only had to work til noon today. No, I did not get to take a nap because the roofers were on the final day of installation. That is ok! We all have to sacrifice to have what we want. Carmen has a healthy little sister and we have a great roof.
I will try to update you more later. Now I just need to go to bed.
Love to All!


Jennifer said...

The roof looks great!! I am sure you are relieved it's done!

Hollie said...

Kudos on the new roof! James Monroe has done 2 roofs for us, and we couldn't be more pleased with his work. I can't wait to see the porch!Hugs to all! ~H